By lowering the deceleration
and acceleration required by
rail vehicles, Request to Stop succeeds in lowering emissions


A Digital Signalling enhancement for strategic rural routes


It is a system designed and developed by Comms Design as an enhancement to Digital In-Cab Signalling. It allows waiting passengers to request any scheduled request to stop train service to STOP by simply pressing a button which then sends a signal to the onboard driver that passengers are waiting to board.

The RtS system also provides customer information to passengers via live train timetables and removes the need to WAVE for a train to stop.


Passengers can request a train to stop using the on platform display system. This gives them increased confidence that the train will stop because a signal has been sent to the driver of the inbound train that a passenger is waiting to board. The signal also gives drivers a timely warning that passengers are waiting to board at the next scheduled station on route.

Timetable resilience is greatly improved due to the removal of the need for trains to slow down to a predetermined speed for potential passengers. Instead they are able to pass through a timetabled Request to Stop station at line speed if a stop has not been requested.

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By removing the need for rail vehicles to slow down and then accelerate when no passengers are waiting to board, Request to Stop also delivers savings in Fuel, Emissions, and Brake Wear

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