An agile team of skilled professionals

Solving our customers' problems through high-quality engineering solutions is at the core of Comms Design. We employ a range of capabilities which enable us to exceed our customers' expectations and quickly bring novel products to market.

Comms Design is a cutting-edge engineering design and manufacturing company that specialises in electronic product development. Our expertise extends to a range of capabilities, including embedded and application software development, mechanical engineering design, electronic hardware design, state-of-the-art radio coverage planning and simulation, training, support and maintenance, end to end product development.

We have a proven track record for innovation and delivery, and our flexible approach means we can help customers identify a system design that meets their needs and quickly produce solutions that are both efficient and effective.

As an example of our capabilities our team designed and manufactured 12 brand new products in a 24 month period to support the RETB Next Generation project.